#PugChat: The Weekly Wednesday Twitter Chat All About Pugs

Have you ever wondered what Pugs talk about? Now, thanks to the all-powerful world of Twitter, this information is available at your fingertips. Or pawtips. We don’t discriminate based on species.

#PugChat, the Twitter chat which happens every Wednesday, is hosted by the Pug brothers, Hamilton Pug and Rufus Pug. Pugs from all over the world chime in to lend their snorty opinions on topics from Leash Etiquette to Superhero Identities and Birthday Parties.

Joining is a piece of cake, just use the hashtag #PugChat and answer one or all of the five questions Hamilton and Rufus ask on Twitter.

Photo’s are encouraged – who doesn’t want to see a thousand Pugs celebrating their birthdays? – and everyone’s welcome.

The best part? Besides the unreasonable amount of cute dog pictures and opportunity to glimpse into the life of these smooshy faced maniacs, #PugChat also gives away prizes! Your pup could win anything from free toys to a TeePee!

If you didn’t have plans for Wednesday night, you do now – #PugChat.

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