The Joy of the Chase – This Chihuahua Could Be the Tiniest Traveling Fashion Influencer

Chase (@the_joy_of_the_chase) is well on his way to completing his tiny bucket list as he travels across Europe while modeling an impeccable wardrobe. He was born in Spain, but currently calls Latvia his home base.

The Joy of the Chase - This Chihuahua Could Be the Tiniest Fashion Influencer
Credit: @the_joy_of_the_chase/Instagram

But judging by his social media posts, he calls all of Europe his home (assuming he can get a decent puppuccino.) He also probably calls all of Europe his runway too.

You’ll find Chase looking cool while enjoying the warm summer weather down south.

Or dressed up for snow up in Scandinavia.

@the_joy_of_the_chase Did you know that dog wearing sunglasses is not just for cute pictures? And did you also know that Chihuahuas are at high risk developing eye problems? Human, imagine that If you need to wear sunglasses outside, there’s a good chance that your dog needs them too. People should consider eye protection for dogs too because harmful UV rays from the sun can cause eye conditions like pannus, sunburn around the eyes, and cataracts. We are currently waiting for the perfect pair to arrive in the mail but in the meantime Chase will be practising with these ones we have now. #dogwearingsunglasses #chihuahuastyle #chihuahuafashion #chihuahuaswag #chihuahuawithboots #chihuahuawinterstyle #chihuahuastrut #chihuahuasdaily #chihuahuasrock ♬ Drop – Connor Price & Zensery

And while chihuahuas aren’t born with the right fur coat for cold weather – Don’t worry, Chase’s extensive winter wardrobe has him covered.

You’ll most likely see Chase wearing European designers or custom tailoring.

But he can also easily pull off a streetwear look – like the Supreme and Cuban link chain fit below.

@the_joy_of_the_chase Flipping through my old pics like, “Is it just me, or did I used to have more swag? Back in the day, I had that Snoop Doggy Dog vibe. Where did all my swag go? #chihuahuaswag #chihuahuastyle #chihuahuafashionistas #supremedog #chihuahuashavemorefun #chihuahuaoutfitinspiration #chihuahuahumor #chihuahualoversclub ♬ Nuthin but a G Thang x Without me – Kuya Magik

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