Meet Kala the Iggy, Protégé to Canine Fashion Icon Tika the Iggy

Since Kala the Iggy stepped into the spotlight in December 2022, the Italian Greyhound pup has been making waves in the world of canine fashion. And on top of her good looks, fashion sense, and being a natural in front of the camera… Her mentor is none other than Tika the Iggy. Tika became a social media sensation in 2016, and her popularity has only grown since. Now 13 years old, she’s around the same age in human years as Anna Wintour – And equally as influential to the world of canine fashion. Tika’s career has seen her collaborate with top human and pet celebrities, as well as author two books.

Meet Kala the Iggy Protege to Canine Fashion Icon Tika the Iggy
Credit: @kalatheiggy/Instagram

Then Santa dropped off Kala for Christmas in 2022.

And Tika started mentoring Kala asap.

But like with any young celeb, their training and career can be a rollercoaster.

But luckily Tika has as much patience as Kala has speed.

And as time passed, their personal relationship grew alongside their professional side.

Kala’s confidence in front of the camera is clearly developing quickly.

Being top models, fitness is always a priority for Kala and Tika.

You can follow @kallytheiggy on Instagram. And if you somehow missed it last fall, Tika the Iggy and Jared Leto linked up for Leto’s signature “hot mess” makeup tutorial.

Tika the Iggy and Jared Leto Link Up for Leto’s Signature Hot Mess Makeup Tutorial
Credit: @tikatheiggy/Instagram
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