Courteney Cox Is an Obsessed Dog Mom Trying Her Best

Courteney Cox is a great example of how celebrity pet parents are just like us: She can’t stop posting about her dogs and is quick to jump on any doggy-related TikTok trend. But does she also force her dogs to watch Friends on repeat like us? Oh, it’s just me? Ok. Anyways, Courteney Cox has only been on TikTok for a month with 19 posts. But her 4 videos of Lilly and Bear, her two impossibly cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, have already stacked up around 24 million views!

Courteney Cox obsessed dog mom
Credit: @courteneycoxofficial/TikTok

They include her dogs not noticing her while they’re with her dog walker (or are they embarrassed and pretending not to see her?) Her dogs attempting a loyalty test and an intelligence test… But then Cox at least gets a win for her doggy music video!

“The One Where Monica Gets the Cold Shoulder from Her Canine Crew”

“The One Where Monica Plays Dead and Her Pups Are Unimpressed With Her Acting”

“The One Where Monica Tests Her Fur Babies’ Intelligence to Mixed Results”


If theres no food involved Lily don’t play

♬ original sound – Courteney Cox

“The One Where Monica’s Emotional Doggy Music Video Gets a Surprise Ending”

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