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Does Cristina Vee Have Any Pets?

Peesh and Bingus (Dog)

Breed: Sphynx

Cristina Vee has two Sphynx cats named Peesh and Bingus.

Cristina Vee

Cristina Vee Pets


July 11, 1987 (36)

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Cristina Vee is an American voice actress and director, renowned for her work in English-language dubs of anime, cartoons, and video games. She is particularly known for her roles as Sailor Mars in “Sailor Moon,” Homura Akemi in “Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” and Mio Akiyama in “K-On!”

Vee’s career in voice acting spans a wide range of roles across various media. In anime, her work includes voicing Ladybug in “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” and Killua Zoldyck in “Hunter x Hunter.” Her video game roles include Riven in “League of Legends” and Velvet Crowe in “Tales of Berseria.”

Throughout her career, Vee has collaborated with numerous other voice actors and directors, contributing to her growth and success in the industry. She has worked alongside actors like Stephanie Sheh, Kyle Hebert, and Johnny Yong Bosch. Her directorial work includes the English dub of “Skip Beat!,” where she worked with a talented voice cast.