Halle Berry Adopts Stray Cat Family She Found in Her Backyard

Former Catwoman Halle Berry returned to her role when she spotted a feral cat family in her backyard. In her fittingly jungle-like garden, she spotted four kittens, along with their momma cat.

Halle Berry Adopts Stray Cat Family She Found in Her Backyard
Credit: @halleberry/Instagram

Berry decided to adopt two of the kittens, who she named Boots and Coco. She also already found furever homes for the other two. Plus she got the mom spayed and released into her backyard to be her official outdoor cat. Commenters on her Instagram post praised her proper procedure of dealing with the feral mom cat, which also allows her to still have a relationship with her kittens!

@dm_baptiste commented, “Thank you for spaying the mama and releasing her back in the area in which she was found. This is what responsible caretaking of feral cats looks like.” And @eccentrickittens said, “Awww thank you for also getting mom cat spayed! She’ll be happy to enjoy her days without having to worry about finding food for her babies!”

Berry has always been a devoted cat mom and has a fluffy grey cat called Spanky. She previously had a beloved cat called Playdough (in the Instagram post above) who she had since before Catwoman came out in 2004! She also has two Labradoodles named Jackson and Roman.

Also last June, this writer’s personal favorite Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer, adopted a rescue puppy (and yes of course she also has a couple cats).

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