Two Smart Dogs Reinvent The Game of Fetch

Leyla and Bear, two clever dogs, have reinvented an age of past time and we love them for it. Clearly these dogs enjoy each others company but dogs need more than a companion. They need excercise.

After years of living in an apartment, the two dogs and their family recently found a new home and all the new opportunities that come with it.

“We started by throwing the ball upstairs [from the living room], so they would have to run up and down the stairs,” said Kristine Lequerique

But one day, Leyla decided to stay upstairs after the ball was thrown. And rather than run back down to return it, she instead “passed” it to Bear waiting down below — making the game equally fun for everyone.

Here they are in action:

“I was so surprised,” she said. “Then it just kept going from there.”

“This happens all day, every day. They can go for hours or until we stop. Then they just continue to throw the ball at you until we start again,” Lequerique said. “They’re so smart.”

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