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Does Chelsea Clinton Have Any Pets?

Socks Clinton (Cat)

Breed: Domestic Short-Haired Cat | Adopted Mar 1989

The most famous of the Clinton family’s pets, Socks was born around 1989 and passed away in 2009. He served as First Cat of the United States from 1993-2001 and the First Cat of Arkansas from 1991-1992. He was adopted by the Clintons in 1991 when he jumped into the arms of daughter Chelsea Clinton as she was leaving her piano teacher’s house.

As First Cat, he often visited schools and hospitals in support of children. He was eventually forced to step down as First Cat when the Clinton’s got Buddy the labrador retriever, who took over as First Dog. Both Clinton’s have said Socks couldn’t stand Buddy, with Bill being quoted as saying “I did better with… the Palestinians and the Israelis than I’ve done with Socks and Buddy”. He spent his later years under the car of Bill’s secretary Betty Currie and due to failing health, he was euthanized in 2009.

Buddy (Dog)

Breed: Chocolate Labrador | Adopted Aug 1997

Buddy was picked up by Bill Clinton at three months old in December 1997 and was named after Bill’s great-uncle who was a major influence in his life. He became First Dog of the United States, replacing Socks the Cat as the official White House pet. Socks was well-known for not getting along with the friendly Buddy and the Clinton’s had to keep them in separate quarters.

Sadly at four years old in 2002, Buddy was killed by a car as he chased a contractor at the home across the street. While not able to help, secret service agents were at the home at the time and the Clinton’s were not. The agents rushed Buddy to an animal hospital where he was pronounced dead. This has led to a conspiracy theories that his death was planned in order to garner sympathy for the Clintons at the time.

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton Pets


February 27, 1980 (44)

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Chelsea Clinton is an American writer and global health advocate. She is the only child of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She was a special correspondent for NBC News from 2011 to 2014 and now works with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative, including taking a prominent role at the foundation with a seat on its board.