Canadians Save Arctic Fox in Tense Rescue Mission

One arctic fox was lucky enough to be saved from starvation.

Mallory Harrigan, partner Cliff Russell and his son Alan Russell were crabbing off the coast of Labrador. The Canadians were off to a late start that day when thought they saw a stranded baby seal on an ice float.

arctic fox Labrador rescue

The crew got a bit closer and realized that the creature was actually an arctic fox, starving and trapped. Knowing that if they didn’t help the fox was doomed, the crew planned a rescue mission. They had to ram the ice float to break it up, getting close enough to net the fox, scooping him out of the frigid water.

“I was able to feed and water him once he woke up,” Mallory states. “We all then released him onto an island in our harbour.”

arctic fox Labrador rescue

After refusing the bread and crackers he was offered, the crew found a tin of Vienna sausages more to the fox’s taste. They dropped him off on an island that had lots of ponds and “critters to sustain it”.

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