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No Pets (Alana de la Garza)

Alana de la Garza does not have any reported pets.

Alana de la Garza

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June 18, 1976 (48)

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Alana de la Garza is an American actress, best known for her roles in law enforcement and legal dramas, particularly as Assistant District Attorney Connie Rubirosa on the television series “Law & Order” and its spin-off “Law & Order: LA.”

De la Garza’s acting career includes significant roles in both television and film. After beginning her career with minor roles, she gained prominence with “Law & Order,” which was pivotal in establishing her as a notable television actress. She has also appeared in series such as “CSI: Miami,” “Forever,” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” Her film work, though less extensive than her television career, includes roles in movies like “Mr. Fix It” and “Are You Here.”

Throughout her career, de la Garza has worked alongside numerous notable actors and directors. Her role in “Law & Order” involved significant collaboration with actors like Sam Waterston and Linus Roache. In “Forever,” she worked closely with Ioan Gruffudd, and in “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” she starred alongside Gary Sinise.