Doggo Day: The Kukur Tihar Is an Annual Hindu Festival That Celebrates Dogs

Here in North. America, we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and various other days. But despite the popularity of pooches across the continent, there isn’t an official Dog’s Day to celebrate our canine companions.

For inspiration for a national Dog’s Day, we can look to Kukur Tihar, which is the second day of Tihar. Tihar is a five-day Hindu festival that celebrates different themes of thanksgiving each day, and takes place between October and November. It’s mainly celebrated in Nepal and is somewhat similar to Diwali, a major Hindu five-day festival that’s more commonly known to North Americans.

AI image of Kukur Tihar dog festival in Nepal
Disney/Pixar needs to make a movie about Kukur Tihar ASAP

Kukur Tihar gathers humans together to celebrate dogs, as they are considered the messengers of Yama, the deity of death. And by worshipping the canine companions of Yama, it’s seen as a way to be more at peace with death. So when your soul is on the journey through the underworld across the river of death… So hopefully the pups there remember the treats you gave them and lead you the right way!

This day is marked by a series of lovely rituals that elevate the status of dogs to that of celestial beings. Every dog, from pampered pets to the humblest of strays, is bathed and draped with flower garlands. Their foreheads are anointed with a red Tika mark, symbolizing their sacred status for the day. They are also lavished with their favorite foods and treats.

And police and other professional working dogs are also given the day off!

Thanks to the rendering photos and videos from the festival, it’s becoming more known globally. Animal rights groups in Nepal also use it to raise funds for doggos in need.

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