Meet Diesel, The Screaming 25lb House Cat

When Kelsie Powers first rescued Diesel, she had no idea how big the cat would grow.

Reaching a whopping 25 pounds the house-beast (her words, not mine) resembles a tiny, shorthaired panther. While no one knows for sure why Diesel’s grown as big as he has, vets suspect it could be feline acromegaly. Feline acromegaly manifests itself as an excess in a cats growth hormone secretion.

Diesel cat

On top of being legitimately the biggest house cat we’ve ever seen, Diesel’s forgotten how to meow. Instead, he screams. Howling at the top of his lungs, the massive cat hits pitches Celine Dion would be jealous of. Diesel’s essentially a huge, furry dinner bell.

Because he’s such a big boy, Diesel’s on a special diet to prevent him from getting sick. If he feels as though he doesn’t get enough food, he screams at his parents. Though his screeching often doesn’t get him seconds, Diesel typically picks a fight with his sister, Eureka, if he doesn’t get his way. Besides being a huge brat, the kitty’s got a heart of gold.

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