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Bu (Dog)

Patsy Palmer has a dog named Bu, short for Malibu.

Patsy Palmer

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May 26, 1972 (51)

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Patsy Palmer is an English actress and DJ, recognized for her role as Bianca Jackson in the BBC soap opera “EastEnders,” where she appeared from 1993 to 2019. Her performance in “EastEnders” has been critically acclaimed, earning her a permanent spot in the show’s history. Palmer’s career extends beyond acting, with significant work as a DJ.

In her acting career, Palmer’s portrayal of Bianca Jackson is distinguished by the character’s complex personality and significant story arcs, contributing to the show’s success during her tenure. Beyond “EastEnders,” Palmer has participated in various television programs and stage productions. As a DJ, she has performed at numerous venues, bringing a unique blend of music to diverse audiences.

Palmer’s impact in “EastEnders” can be attributed to collaborations with key figures such as Sid Owen (Ricky Butcher), her on-screen husband, and Barbara Windsor (Peggy Mitchell), a pivotal character in the soap opera. Her work has been enriched by scripts from Tony Jordan, one of the show’s leading writers, and direction from notable figures including John Yorke.