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Lilly (Dog)

Lala Kent has a dog named Lilly.

Lala Kent

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September 2, 1990 (33)

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Lala Kent, born Lauren Elyse Burningham, is an American reality TV star, musician, actress, and media personality and she is best known for her popular reality TV show Vanderpump Rules season 4.

She was cast for the lead role in the Lionsgate horror film The Row and in Vault, a new heist film. She has also appeared in the major parts in past films like Dudes & Dragons, Pitching Love and Catching Faith, One Shot, and The Mentor. Her hit single Boy reached #1 in the Electronic genre on iTunes in 2018.

Kent’s career includes collaborations with various figures in the entertainment industry. She has worked alongside actors like Bruce Willis in “Hard Kill” and Randy Couture in “10 Minutes Gone” (2019).

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