World’s Tallest Dog, Zeus the Great Dane, Has Tragically Passed Away From Cancer at Age Three

After reaching international Celebrity Pet status last May when he was crowned The World’s Tallest Dog, Zeus the Great Dane has sadly passed away from cancer at only three years old. The tall Texas resident’s record-breaking height was 3 feet, 5.18 inches (1.046 meters). He was tall enough that the kitchen sink could be his water bowl. And tall enough that kids would ask if they could ride him!

Guinness World Records Tallest Dog Zeus the Great Dane
Credit: Guinness World Records

Zeus was tragically diagnosed with bone cancer in August and had to have one of his lovely long legs amputated.

Then a few days after recovering from his surgery, he unfortunately got pneumonia.

Then just a day later, Zeus crossed the Rainbow Bridge 🙁

For a look back at happier times, make sure to watch his Guinness World Records video below:

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