Ginger The Pibble Once Separated from Her Puppies Now Adopts to Foster Kittens

Ginger The Pibble has a big heart and loves being a mom, even when the babies aren’t her own! After her puppies were adopted, she began helping lost kittens find new homes. Sometimes the kittens show up lost, vulnerable, and in need of comfort. That’s when Ginger’s gentle nature comes in to help. Since 2018, Ginger’s human, Susan Hicks, has opened her home to lost kittens in need of Ginger’s guidance.

Ginger is like a living, breathing, snoring body pillow for these kittens

Susan Hicks

Ginger has been using her social media fame to find families for stray kittens. Now with over 140,000 subscribers across social media, Ginger’s hard work is getting noticed. It can be heart wrenching when the kittens outgrow their temporary home and head off to their forever homes – but luckily Ginger’s job is never over. Every time she watches one set of kittens go away, another group is just around the corner in need of her care and comfort.

Make sure to follow and support Ginger on her journey to save lost kittens. You can follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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