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Cliff Burton

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February 10, 1962 (62)

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Cliff Burton was an American musician and songwriter, best known as the bassist for the heavy metal band Metallica. He joined the band in 1982 and quickly established himself as a virtuosic bass player, incorporating elements of classical music into his playing and pushing the boundaries of what was possible on the instrument. Burton’s contributions to Metallica’s first three albums, Kill ‘Em All, Ride the Lightning, and Master of Puppets, helped define the sound of the band and established them as one of the biggest and most influential heavy metal acts of all time. Burton died in a tour bus accident in 1986, at the age of 24, and is remembered as one of the most influential bassists in the history of heavy metal and rock music. His legacy continues to inspire musicians and fans around the world and he is widely regarded as a true innovator and pioneer of the genre.