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Willie (Dog)

Breed: Bloodhound | Adopted Dec 2021

Chris Janson has a Bloodhound named Willie, that joined his family in December 2021 for Christmas. For Dolly Parton’s Pet Gala in February 2024, Janson and Willie performed a cover of “Hound Dog.”

Chris Janson

Chris Janson Pets


April 2, 1986 (38)

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Chris Janson, born Christopher Pierre Janson on April 2, 1986, in Perryville, Missouri, has made a significant mark in the country music scene with his charismatic performances and heartfelt songwriting. Janson’s journey into music saw him gaining prominence with the breakout hit “Buy Me a Boat” in 2015, a song that resonated with fans for its relatable lyrics and catchy melody. This track not only catapulted him into the spotlight but also showcased his ability to blend traditional country elements with a modern sensibility.

Janson’s discography includes notable albums like Buy Me a Boat (2015), Everybody (2017), Real Friends (2019), All In (2022), and The Outlaw Side of Me (2023), each contributing to his reputation as a versatile artist in the contemporary country genre. His work has been recognized and celebrated for its authenticity and the way it connects with listeners on a personal level​​.

Before achieving solo success, Chris Janson honed his craft as a songwriter, contributing to the country music landscape by writing hits for other artists, including Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah” and Justin Moore’s “Off the Beaten Path.” This experience in songwriting laid a solid foundation for his subsequent solo career, allowing him to express his unique voice and stories through music​