Dog Waits Patiently Outside Hospital for Owner (Video)

Last month, staff at the Santo Antônio de Jesus Regional Hospital in Brazil discovered a stray dog waiting outside the hospital. The dog lingered alone as if he was waiting for something. He didn’t interact with other dogs, people, and would run off as people got near.

The nurses began leaving food and water for the new arrival. After asking around, they soon learned he was there waiting there for his special human.

Credit: @amandamallur TikTok

The faithful pooch had watched his owner wheeled into the hospital and he was patiently waiting for his return. After learning the news, the staff rallied and organized a reunion. They learned his name was Mel as he is sweet as honey.

@amandamallur Linda história da cachorrinha que aguarda ansiosamente pela alta hospitalar do seu dono que é andarilho e que tem muitos dias internado no hospital HRSAJ, e todo dia ele é liberado para visitar seu cachorrinho. #pernambuco #bahia #animais #andarilho #hospital #emocionante ♬ Playground (from the series Arcane League of Legends) – Bea Miller

Mel couldn’t be more excited to reconnect with his best friend.

@amandamallur Pra quem queria saber como tá a cachorrinha, uma funcionária levou pra o pet shop é esse foi o reencontro no outro dia.##animais #emocionante #pernambuco #bahia ♬ Music with a sense of happiness for orchestra and piano – Tak Music

Unfortunately, Mel’s owner is still in need of care. The hospital staff arrange visits for both of them but they are unsure how long he will need to stay. In the meantime, the staff learned that the man is homeless and they are hoping to raise some money to support him after his treatment. You visit the donation page here.

Wealth can be measured in many ways, and the wealthiest people seek fortune to find what Mel and his dad have found. Their story is a reminder that the best things in life don’t come with a price tag.

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