Taylor Swift’s Cat Insulted by Comedian John Cleese

Taylor Swift is a known cat lover with her two Scottish Folds, Olivia and Meredith Grey, celebrities themselves. John Cleese is also a collector of cats and has 5 Maine Coons. When these two feline enthusiasts with completely different types of cats appeared on The Graham Norton Show, their claws came out. When a cute photo of Olivia came up on the screen, Cleese asked if the Scottish Fold had an accident and if she was a “proper cat”. Graham Norton then fired back, showing a photo of Felix, one of Cleese’s Maine Coons that’s giant compared to the average cat. But thanks to the other guest on the show saying he doesn’t like cats, Cleese and Swift put aside their differences in cats to team up against him.

A couple of months later, Cleese appeared in a Buzzfeed video titled “Cat Confessions”. In it, he confesses he likes Swift and that she reminds him of a cat and hopes that maybe he can give her a proper cat one day.

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