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Biggie (Dog)

Breed: Pomeranian | Adopted 2017

Fortune Feimster has a Pomeranian named Biggie that she rescued in 2017. Before Biggie, Fortune had a dog named Maddy[1].

When I was a kid, I had a dog that died. I remember the sadness that came with that and I thought, “I will never own an animal again!” I shut myself off to the idea, but when I met my wife, Jax, she moved to L.A. from Chicago for me and I decided we should have a dog so she had a companion. So we got our dog Maddy, who I love as well, and then a year later we got Biggie. Jax and I went to the Humane Society and we just knew right away that he was our dog. He was a little stinky as he hadn’t been bathed in who knows how long, so it took me a minute to love him, but after that I was hooked. He’s just the best dog. Jax puts Biggie and Maddy in outfits all the time. Biggie is a little supermodel. He likes to be in pictures and have outfit changes and he’s all about being in the spotlight. We recently got married and Biggie was our ring bearer.

Fortune Feimster

Fortune Feimster

Fortune Feimster Pets


July 1, 1980 (43)

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Fortune Feimster is an American writer, comedian, and actress. She first gained attention with her television debut on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2010 and later gained prominence for her role as Colette on “The Mindy Project” from 2015 to 2017. Feimster has also made a mark in radio, hosting the hit show “What a Joke with Papa and Fortune” with Tom Papa on Sirius XM’s Netflix is a Joke channel since July 2019. Additionally, she played Heather in “The L Word: Generation Q,” a reboot of the original series “The L Word.”

Feimster’s career in entertainment spans various mediums, including television, film, and radio. She has been a part of several notable projects, such as her role in “The Mindy Project,” where she played the character Colette from 2015 to 2017. Her work in radio is also significant, with her co-hosting the show “What a Joke with Papa and Fortune” alongside Tom Papa, which became the first live programming on the Sirius XM channel Netflix is a Joke. In addition to these roles, Feimster has appeared in films like “Office Christmas Party” and has lent her voice to characters in animated series.

Feimster’s career is marked by collaborations with a range of artists and creators. She has worked alongside Mindy Kaling in “The Mindy Project,” contributing significantly to the show’s success. Her partnership with Tom Papa in hosting “What a Joke with Papa and Fortune” has been notable in the world of radio entertainment.