Dave Bautista Was Convinced To Adopt His 4th Pitbull by Millie Bobby Brown and Chris Pratt

Dave Bautista is as big on pet advocacy as he is on action – With his four adopted pitbulls as proof. Last Valentine’s Day, Bautista posted on Instagram that he adopted his fourth pittie with a puppy named Talulah. He thanks Chris Pratt for introducing him to Millie Bobby Brown and her rescue organization, @joeysfriends22, but didn’t give any details (until now).

Bautista shared the story with Jimmy Fallon, which you can watch below. Bautista recounted that Pratt hit him up and said, “I know you’re a fan of this breed, and my costar is trying to adopt her out.” And Bautista replied, “I’m sorry man, you know I’ve already got three.” Bautista then told Fallon, “I just kept looking at her picture, and I was just… I just fell in love with her.” After agreeing to adopt his forth fur baby, Pratt said, “Well let me hook you up with my costar, Millie.” Bautista, replied, “Millie Bobby Brown” No Way!” The Dune star and Stranger Things fan says he has yet to meet Millie, but joked about it, saying, “‘And Chris Pratt hit me up, and I got my dog, you know, from Millie Bobby Brown. I sound, like, super Hollywood.”

Bautista considers his pitties his kids and they’re often seen on his Instagram.

He also always makes a point to mention their rescues and to encourage his fans to adopt as well.

You can watch Bautisa’s full interview on The Tonight Show below:

Bautista’s came a day after Millie Bobby Brown also appeared on The Tonight Show, along with her rescue dog Winnie who clearly stole the show.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Rescue Poodle, Winnie, Steals the Show on ‘The Tonight Show'
Credit: The Tonight Show/YouTube
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