Canine Painters Unite to Support the Tripawds Dog Art Auction

A pack of canine creatives and influencers have collaborated to produce paintings to benefit the Tripawds Foundation, a charity that supports doggy amputees. (Oh and also a kind-hearted parrot and pig also donated paintings) Each unique piece is currently being auctioned off, with an auction end date of June 1st, so grab them while you can! Proceeds of this auction will go to the Kaiserin Pet Cancer Care Package Fund.

Canine Painters Unite to Support the Tripawds Dog Art Auction

To get you hyped, Tripawds released a highlight reel showcasing all the incredible animal artists who have graciously donated their time and talent. And keep scrolling to meet them individually.

First we’re giving a shoutout to the one avian artist, Koa of @koa_Tiko, who donated a collaborative painting with doggy artist @theworldofwihelmina.

Wilhelmina also collab’d with 3x Guinness World Record Holder Leonard Lee of @liveloveleonardleee.

And Leonard Lee also collab’d with Aussie shepherd @roganpaints.

@dog_vinci and @ivykitetheaussie teamed up to create “Spring Fling.”

The auction features an international collab with @cody_the_painting_doggo from Northwest British Columbia with Nellie representing the @tripawdcommunity out of Alaska.

Another international collab was between Leo @trickspaniel in Scotland and Margaux of @alloymate3 in the United States who produced two pieces together for the auction.

Being blind doesn't stop Peekaboo (@pbthebp) from expressing herself! She teamed up with another Canadian canine, Schultz of @thelifeofschultz, to create "Petal to the Metal."

Bros Carmine and Q (@carmineandq) donated their piece, "Bonfire."

Carmine and Q also teamed up with @whiskeytoller on "Rainbow Bridge."

And last but not least Charlotte the Pig (@charlottethepigwhopaints) worked with @bluemerlineaussie!

And if you're not ready to bid on one of these one-of-a-kind paintings... You can still support the cause by grabbing a limited set of 12 greeting cards!

You can visit the Tripawds Auction here and if you'd like to donate to such a wonderful cause, visit And make sure to follow @tripawds on Facebook and @tripawdscommunity on Instagram.

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