Top 10 Beagles on Instagram

Beagles, whose name literally means ‘loudmouth’, date back thousands of years and they make for a cute break between political posts and your friends’ baby pictures on your instagram feed. Beagles are, after all, some of the cutest dogs on the internet. Just ask Barry Manilow or Charlie Brown.

Here are ten Beagles from around the world that you need to follow:

Sid, the self-proclaimed Mayor of Austin, Texas. You’ve got our vote, Sid. Especially when you rate pizza above all else.

MJ the flying French Beagle has ears that would make Dumbo jealous. This floppy pup has been a fashion inspiration for her mom and dad. Her portrait animates an entire clothing line including doggy bags.

As a master of disguise, you would never guess that Maymo is actually a Beagle. This pup likes to go incognito as other animals on the daily. That is, when her parents aren’t doing the same to her… Check out Maymo trying to make sense of some trolling American T-Rex’s in the video on her instagram.

Ludo Taylor, the carrot-loving hound dog of Australia.

Baltic, the self-proclaimed grumpy Beagle of Amsterdam.

Klaus Beagle is workin’ like a dog in Italy. His many jobs include breakfast alarm at 6AM sharp, chew-resistance tester of furniture and human-food sampler.

Russian Beagle Archi loves a good game of soccer, unfortunately his kitty cat sister doesn’t ever want to play goalie.

Maynard and Chloe are a double trouble beaglegram team. The two love to dress up and go to pawdy’s all over Mumbai.

Belka lives the good life in the UK. She enjoys sleeping, eating and (like any self respecting dog) barking at the mailman.

Motley and Hudson are another bad to the bone Beagle duo. These two have a ride or die crew of adorable mutts straight outta Newport Beach, California.

Which of these Beagles has your vote? Do you know of any other popular Beagles? Comment below.

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