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Carly (Dog)

Emily Dobson has a dog named Carly. She received her as a gift from fellow creator and friend Piper Rockelle.

Emily Dobson

Emily Dobson Pets


April 3, 2008 (16)

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Emily Dobson is an American social media personality, best recognized for her compelling presence on YouTube, where she has garnered significant attention for her dance videos and vlogs.

Emily’s appeal on YouTube stems primarily from her impressive dance videos, showcasing a fusion of styles and techniques that resonate with a broad audience. Beyond dance, her channel offers a medley of content, including lifestyle vlogs, challenges, and Q&A sessions, furthering her rapport with her subscribers. Her commitment to her craft is evident not just in her dance routines, but also in the quality and diversity of content she produces, creating a wholesome entertainment package for viewers of all ages.

Throughout her journey, Emily has collaborated with a host of other social media personalities, creating dynamic content that always leaves viewers wanting more. She has worked with Sophie Fergi, Symonne Harrison, Lev Cameron, Piper Rockelle, Jensen Ramirez, Sawyer Sharbino, Indi Star, Coco Quinn, Gavin Magnus, and Enzo Lopez.

In recognition of her outstanding work, Emily has been honored with several awards and distinctions. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in the YouTube Silver Play Button she received.