Kaley Cuoco Has a Zonkey On Her Rescue Farm Animal Ranch

Kaley Cuoco is one celebrity who’s truly devoted to helping animals. She has always chosen to adopt not shop and currently has five rescues. She’s also always loved horses and farm animals, so she decided to buy a 40-acre farm ranch in California and turn it into a rescue farm animal sanctuary. It’s home to adopted horses, sheep, goats, cows, pigs, ponies, and chickens. But the most exotic resident of her ranch is Zazie the Zonkey.

Kaley Cuoco Has a Zonkey Her Rescue Farm Animal Ranch
Credit: Jennifer Hudson Show/YouTube

A Zonkey is a cross between a zebra and a donkey. Like with a Mule that’s a horse-doney cross, a Zonkey can’t reproduce. Technically, a Zonkey comes from a male zebra and a female donkey. an offspring of a female zebra and male donkey would be called an even funnier “Zedonk”. This is like with lion-tiger crosses either known as a Liger or Tion.

While being interviewed by Jennifer Hudson in January 2024, Cuoco shared she got Zazie the Zonkey a few years early. She said when Zazie first arrived at the ranch, she was terrified and stayed away from everyone, due to her abusive past life. But eventually, she warmed up and would come up to the fence to say hi, but won’t let any humans touch her. While she still has a “no petting” policy, the most important thing is she became friends with her animal roommates and is enjoying life!

Back in March, Kaley Cuoco gave us a peak at her ranch when she took an adoptable pitbull on a tour there.

Kaley Cuoco Takes an Adoptable Pitbull for a Date Around Her Rescue Animal Ranch
Credit: The Dodo/Instagram
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