Haiku The Husky a Singing Dog Performing Microphone Woos Near You

Some Huskies just love to sing their woo woos! Take Haiku, for example. This Husky is a true microphone assassin. His howls and yips have reached the furthest corners of the Internet, and millions of people. He’s a true canine entertainer and he even has a song on Spotify. A Netflix series is definitely on it’s way.

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Titled “Ancient Husky Melody”, the song was mixed by The Kiffness X Haiku The Husky

His Spotify Track. It’s not bad. I added it to my Liked list

Let Haiku The Husky serenade you to oblivion and follow his channels today. His remixed song “Ancient Husky Melody” has already reached his millions of fans and we’re sure that’s not the last time he’ll put out a single. Who knows, maybe you too will want to start howling along with him and kickstart your solo. Follow Haiki on TikTok, Instagram, and More.

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