A Man Found Two Stray Puppies On a Highway – And They’ve Been on a Road Trip Ever Since!

In December 2016, Jordan Kahana’s life took a movie-worthy turn while he was on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Along a remote stretch of the Arizona highway, he encountered two black dots that turned out to be eight-month-old puppies. Forced to swerve off the road, Jordan discovered the abandoned pups, later named Sedona and Zeus, and decided to rescue them. This divine encounter led to the formation of what would become known as the Adventure Squad!

Jordan Kahana Adventure Squad road trip with stray puppies
Credit: @jordankahana/Instagram

Jordan, who was 30 at the time and working as a digital director in LA, had a drive for adventure and travel. The addition of Sedona and Zeus to his life marked a significant shift in plans. After rescuing the puppies, who were suffering from severe dehydration, and ensuring their recovery, Jordan couldn’t bear to see them go.

He decided not only to keep them but also to change his lifestyle to accommodate his new fur kids. Instead of continuing with his job and plans for international travel, Jordan chose to quit his job and embark on road trips across North America with Sedona and Zeus. And in case you’re wondering, he got the pair’s DNA tested and they’re a very mixed breed – Mainly consisting of German Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Labrador, and Cocker Spaniel.

The Adventure Squad has since traveled extensively, covering over 30,000 miles across 35 states and counting (plus parts of Canada) to explore plenty of national parks and tourist attractions. Jordan documents these travels through stunning photos and videos on his Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Through their adventures, Jordan, Sedona, and Zeus have experienced the joys and challenges of life on the road, adjusting their travels to be dog-friendly and sharing it all with their followers.

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