Axel the Fat Cat’s Weight Loss Journey Turned Him Into a Health Influencer and Philanthropist

Axel the Cat is one chonky boi – who’s on a big mission to change that. This Canadian kitty was adopted in February from Ferdinand and Friends Animal Rescue Network when he tipped the scales at 43 pounds!

In the interview below, his mom said Axel was such a chonker he literally broke a weighing scale and busted through the bottom of a pet carrier!

Now five months later in July, Axel has lost almost a quarter of his weight with 10 pounds and counting!

They call me Biggie Smalls – because right now I’m Biggie, but soon I’m gonna be small!

@axel.biggiesmalls, TikTok, March 2024

While Axel started sharing his weight loss journey on social media to help keep himself accountable, he also hoped it would inspire other overweight cats.

But then Axel went viral on Instagram with 18 million views for being so thicc and charming.

Then Axel had one of those days when you’re too stuffed and lazy to get back up the stairs… Leading to him also going viral on TikTok with over 10 million views.


Axel went back downstairs again it’s actually really amazing he was able to make it down the stairs but carrying him back up is hard on the back.

♬ Sneaky Friends – Eitan Epstein Music

Now he’s got over 100,000 followers cheering him on!

@axel.biggiesmalls Replying to @SuzyQueUSA ♬ Rocky (Main Theme) – The Intermezzo Orchestra

People follow him for weight loss tips and to see how he’s managing his weight as a kitty health influencer.

Axel doesn’t hold back from sharing the struggles.

And the importance of persistence.

He also likes to remind us that humor can help us get through tough times.

Unlike many influencers, Axel keeps it real with his followers and doesn’t shy away from sharing setbacks that any kitty can face.

But luckily he has great pawrents keeping him accountable (and he does the same for them)

To join him on his weight journey, follow @axel.biggiesmalls on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. And Axel is also using his platform for philanthropy! If you’re able to help, you can donate to Ferdinand and Friends Rescue on his behalf.

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