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August 18, 2000 (23)

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Stacey Ryan is a Canadian singer and songwriter who gained significant attention in January 2022 with her single “Don’t Text Me When You’re Drunk,” which became popular through an “open verse challenge” on social media. Her single “Fall in Love Alone” achieved notable success by topping the Billboard Indonesia Songs chart in 2022. Signed to Island Records, Ryan released her debut EP, “I Don’t Know What Love Is,” on April 7, 2023.

Throughout her career, Ryan has collaborated with several artists and bands, significantly impacting her musical journey. Her work with Zai1k on “Don’t Text Me When You’re Drunk” and the remix of “Fall in Love Alone” featuring Indonesian artist Ziva Magnolya are prime examples of her collaborative efforts. Additionally, opening for Joshua Bassett‘s world tour and performing alongside Duran Duran in 2022 have provided her with platforms to reach wider audiences.