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Brian Armstrong's pet Mochi and Toshi

Mochi and Toshi (Cat)

Brian Armstrong has two cats named Mochi and Toshi. Toshi is named after Satoshi Nakmoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong Pets


January 25, 1983 (41)

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Brian Armstrong is an American business executive, billionaire and investor born on January 25, 1983. He is the CEO of cryptocurrency platform Coinbase. After starting out as a developer for IBM, he began researching Bitcoin and cryptocurrency concepts. During that time, Brian began purchasing and storing cryptocurrency in a personal wallet as he continued to research and learn more about the digital asset. In 2012, he joined a Y Combinator startup accelerator which gave him $150,000 in funding to start Coinbase. After recruiting co-founder Fred Ehrsam, the new partners began working on the development of the cryptocurrency platform.