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1995 (29)

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Frédéric Arnault is a French businessman currently serving as the CEO of TAG Heuer since 2020. He began his career at LVMH in 2017, initially serving as head of connected technologies and then as strategy and digital director before his appointment as CEO. Arnault is the son of Bernard Arnault, and half-brother of Antoine Arnault and Delphine Arnault, positioning him as a key figure in the luxury goods industry.

Arnault’s career at LVMH has been marked by significant roles and achievements. Starting in 2017, he quickly rose through the ranks, initially overseeing connected technologies at TAG Heuer. His subsequent role as strategy and digital director allowed him to influence the brand’s direction significantly. His appointment as CEO in 2020 marked a significant milestone in his career, positioning him at the forefront of one of the most prestigious luxury watch brands.

In his role at TAG Heuer, Arnault has collaborated with various industry leaders and professionals. His work involves close coordination with other executives within the LVMH group, including his half-siblings Antoine and Delphine Arnault, who hold prominent positions within the conglomerate. His leadership style and strategic decisions at TAG Heuer reflect the influence of his father, Bernard Arnault, one of the most notable figures in the luxury goods sector.