Enjoy an Endless Summer Through the Life of Goldendoodles Lincoln & London

For most of us, summer comes and goes. But for two Goldendoodles named Lincoln and London living in beautiful Southern California, they get to live an endless summer! Hitting the beach and taking a dip in their pool. BBQs and cruising with their doggy pals. Just generally living their best lives with the best weather.

Endless Summer - the life of Lincoln and London Goldendoodles
Credit: @the_life_of-Lincoln/Facebook

You’ll usually find them lounging in or around their pool.

And no, they never get sick of beach days.

We’re all waiting for the Baywatch doodle remake to get greenlit.

While they’re all about the outdoors, they didn’t miss catching Barbie the Movie.

They also love cruising on a sunny day with their doggy buddies.

While it seems like every day is an adventure for these two, they do like to stay in and chill sometimes.

And they’re not against trading in summer for some snow once in a while.

While they don’t get the typical weather we associate with Halloween, they still join in on the fun!

You can follow Lincoln & London @the_life_of_lincoln on Instagram and Facebook.

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