Exploring the World with BrodieThatDood and Luna and their Human

BrodieThatDood weighing in at around 75lbs of lovable personality has amassed over 9.5M subscribers across social media. Born in 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, Brodie and his human Cliff Brush saw pets trending in 2020 and he said “My dog is cuter than all of them”. Maybe he was right, the former accountant and business consultant is now based in Boca Raton, Florida where he makes content full time as a creator with his soul dog, Brodie.

My dog is cuter than all of them

Cliff Brush, Brodie’s Human
@brodiethatdood Thanks for joining us on this ride. So excited to see what 2023 brings. Happy New Year! #goldendoodle #dogdad #viral #petfluencer #KAYKissCountdown #petsoftiktok ♬ Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders

Though he may look like a normal pup, BrodieThatDood lives an exciting life. When he’s not cruising around in his own “dream car”, Brodie can be biking around town, traveling to notable landmarks like the Grand Canyon, and even volunteering at the local hospitals. The caring pooch is sharing his fame and giving back, and then some.

Credit: @brodiethatdood IG

Brodie Gets His “Dream Car”

Brodie Visits the Children’s Hospital

“He’s not very aero”

Brodie isn’t alone in his adventures. His mom, Luna, is also there to make sure Brodie is having a good time. Although she’s not as into biking as he is, she tags along for other activities.

Luna Gets to Go on Adventures Too!

@brodiethatdood My favorite part about living in Huntington Beach was being able to jump on my @Aventon Electric Bikes and load Miss Luna up in her trailer and head to her favorite place on Earth! 🐶🌴 ⚡️Aventon is having a Black Friday special! $200 OFF ALL E-BIKES + 20% off accessories (like Luna’s trailer)!⚡️ #aventonpartner #ebike #goldenretriever #dogdad #dogbeach ♬ Riptide – Vance Joy

Brodie is usually up for an adventure. “He’s just loving life,” Brush .

Together with Luna by his side, we’re sure Brodie will be up to much more in the coming year. So if you ever need some motivation just follow @BrodieThatDood on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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