Jon Stewart Shares Tearful Tribute to Dipper, His 3-Legged Rescue Pitbull

Jon Stewart shared the sad news on The Daily Show that his rescued pitbull, Dipper, has passed away on Sunday. Besides his iconic role as host of The Daily Show, is known as an adoption and pitbull advocate. He’s had several rescue pitbulls over the years, including Shamsky and Monkey, who have both crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Jon Stewart Shares Tearful Tribute to Dipper His three-Legged Rescue Pitbull
Credit: Jon Stewart/The Daily Show

In the clip below, Stewart starts the story about Dipper, “… In a world of good boys, he was the best.” But moments in, he’s overcome with emotion. He shares that 12 or 13 years ago, his young kids wanted to raise money for Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter in New York City. So they baked some cupcakes and went down to sell them in front of the shelter. The shelter then brought out a sales assistant for them: A year-old, brindle pitbull, who lost a leg after getting hit by a car.

But boy, my wish for you is one day, you find that dog, that one dog that’s just — Is the best.

Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, February 2024

In happier news, last January Stewart adopted another pup from Animal Haven named Toby, seen below with his big bro Dipper.

UPDATE: In just three days since the video, Dipper’s shelter has received over $35,000 in donations and counting!

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