Since Jon Stewart’s Emotional Goodbye to His Rescue Dog, His Shelter Has Been Flooded With Donations

On February 27th, Jon Stewart shared a very touching story on The Daily Show’s YouTube channel about his rescue dog, Dipper, passing away. The video quickly went viral, with millions of viewers appreciating and relating to how emotional he got over losing a furry family member. Stewart, an advocate for adoption and pitbulls, who also owns a 45-acre farm animal sanctuary, encouraged viewers to find their perfect rescue dog.

Jon Stewart Shares Tearful Tribute to Dipper His three-Legged Rescue Pitbull
Credit: The Daily Show/Jon Stewart

In the video, he tells the story of how he met Dipper when he and his young kids were selling cupcakes in front of Dipper’s animal shelter in New York City over a decade ago. Stewart also mentioned the no-kill shelter’s name: Animal Haven.

Jon Stewart playing with his late rescue dog Dipper
Credit: Animal Haven/Jon Stewart

Stewart didn’t ask viewers to donate or anything. But many who watched were clearly touched by his story and vulnerability – Decided to help out anyway. Just three days after the video, Animal Haven posted on Instagram that they’ve already received $35,000 in donations and counting! The shelter also shared many people have bought them supplies from their wish list and adoption inquires have spiked.

In case you missed it: Jon Stewart shares tearful tribute to Dipper, his 3-legged rescue pitbull.

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