Penguin Picasso: Meet Marley the Rockhopper Penguin that Paints

We’ve covered a few animal artists, such as Pigcasso and Hunter the Shiba Inu, but this marks our first artist of the avian variety. Marley, like many successful artists, started from humble beginnings. He simply painted for the joy of it, with any profits from selling his pieces going to support his home and family. His home being Moody Gardens Aquarium in Texas.

Penguin Picasso Meet Marley the Rockhopper Penguin that Paints

Then last year, a TikTok by @megtubia16 of him went viral with over 110 million views, boosting Marley’s art onto the international stage!

But even before the fame, you can clearly see his joy in the simple pleasure of expressing himself.

Now a superstar in the animal art world, some of his fellow penguins took inspiration and started to paint as well. Such as Boca seen below.

Here’s Creole, a King Penguin, putting his claws to canvas.

Note painting is part of their enrichment activities and they’re not forced to paint. And the paint is safe for them to use. Proceeds of the sales go to support both the aquarium and the penguins themselves.

If you’re a patron of the arts, make sure to check out Pigcasso, the pig that paints to support her farm sanctuary.

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