Dog Has Waited 4 Years For Her Forever Home

Our hero of the story Sue, who has shown infinite patience, was rescued on August 22, 2017. That is four years ago, and four years she has been waiting to be adopted at the RSPCA’s Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

She was rescued as a as a puppy and has lived most of her live at the shelter. She did manage to get adopted once in 2018, but was unfortunately returned due to a chance in the family’s circumstances. She’s such a sweet dog, and no one at the shelter can figure out why she’s still waiting.

“We’re at a loss as to why poor Sue hasn’t been rehomed,” Rachel Jones, the chief executive of Bath Cats and Dogs Home, said in a press release. “We all absolutely adore her and love taking her out for long walks and giving her lots of attention, but we’re desperate to find her her own home.”

Sue has wanted 941 other shelter residents get adopted since she arrived. Everyone keeps hoping, but it hasn’t happened yet. She does have some behavioral issues, but she’s been doing incredibly well with her training. It’s understandable considering how long she has lived in the shelter.

“Sue is a sweet and clever pup who can get a little overexcited at times, so would benefit from owners who can continue her training,” Jones said. “She is very affectionate and loves to curl up on the sofa with you as well as get involved in a good game with her toys! She loves to meet new pals, but would be best as the only pet in the home, and we think she’d suit an adult-only home. She’s a clever pup who has already mastered basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘paw,’ but would certainly be able to pick up more. She is happy entertaining herself, but would like a new owner who is initially around for most of the time. She can get overwhelmed at times in the home, so will need a quiet space to relax. We’d also like her to have a secure garden.”

“It really is time that she makes a fresh start with a lovely new family who can finally show her the love and security that she deserves,” Jones said.

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