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Diego Luna's pet No Pets (Diego Luna)

No Pets (Diego Luna)

Actor Diego Luna has no publicly known pets. He is a known animal lover though, as he appeared in a PETA ad promoting safe sex for dogs and cats to help reduce overpopulation.

Diego Luna

Diego Luna Pets


December 29, 1979 (44)

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Diego Luna is a Mexican actor, director, and producer. With a diverse range of roles and a deep commitment to his craft, Luna has received numerous awards, and collaborated with esteemed artists, celebrities, and influential figures.

Luna’s breakout roles include his portrayal of the charismatic and rebellious character, Tenoch Iturbide, in the critically acclaimed film “Y Tu Mamá También.” This breakthrough performance showcased Luna’s raw talent and garnered international recognition, propelling him into the global spotlight. Another notable role was his portrayal of Captain Cassian Andor in the “Star Wars” spin-off film, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

A milestone in Diego Luna’s career was his directorial debut with the film “Abel.” This deeply moving and thought-provoking drama explored themes of childhood, family, and mental health. Luna’s directorial prowess and ability to evoke genuine emotions from his audience garnered critical acclaim and established him as a talented filmmaker in addition to his acting abilities.

Throughout his career, Diego Luna has collaborated with a multitude of renowned artists and celebrities, resulting in captivating projects that pushed creative boundaries. One notable collaboration was with award-winning director Alfonso Cuarón in the film “Y Tu Mamá También,” where Luna’s powerful performance was masterfully brought to life under Cuarón’s direction. Luna also worked alongside actor and filmmaker Gael García Bernal in various projects, including their production company Canana, which has produced numerous films and TV shows.