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September 3, 1985 (38)

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Charlie Scene, born Jordon Terrell and often identified for his masked persona, is an influential figure in the world of music and entertainment. Emerging prominently from the music industry, his artistic ventures span across diverse genres, leaving an indelible mark with every tune and rhythm.

Charlie Scene’s career took flight as a key member of the Hollywood Undead, a band that artfully combined rap, rock, and electronic elements to craft chart-topping numbers. His prominent roles in producing the band’s albums and the evident touch of his lyrical prowess set him apart as a linchpin of the group’s success. While music remained his cornerstone, he diversified his talents into films, leaving his stamp on features like “American Tragedy” and “Notes from the Underground.”

Scene’s journey in the entertainment arena is adorned with collaborations with a myriad of talented individuals. To name a few, he’s worked alongside Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Funny Man, Da Kurlzz, and Deuce, all from the Hollywood Undead. Furthermore, he collaborated with Danny, Dylan Alvarez, George Ragan, Matty Moyer, and Griffin Boice, proving that his musical range extends beyond boundaries and genre restrictions.

In terms of recognition, Charlie Scene’s achievements speak volumes. With Hollywood Undead, he’s been instrumental in the band garnering gold certifications for their albums. His involvement in “Swan Songs” led it to be certified Platinum.