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Does Deligracy Have Any Pets?

Bowser (Dog)

Breed: Chow Chow | Adopted 2019

Deligracy has a Chow Chow named Bowser that she adopted in 2019.


Deligracy Pets


April 10, 1991 (33)

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Deligracy, born Maddy, is an Australian gamer and YouTube personality that has made a significant impact on the online community with her captivating content focused on ‘The Sims,’ a popular life simulation video game series.

Deligracy, born as Deli, first made waves in the gaming industry through her YouTube channel launched in 2013. The primary content, revolving around ‘The Sims,’ quickly gained popularity, making her channel a one-stop destination for Sims enthusiasts across the globe. Her approach to creating unique characters, intricate storylines, and her impressive building skills kept viewers intrigued. Over time, her “Let’s Play” series and “Build” videos, where she constructs and decorates elaborate structures, became viral sensations, amassing millions of views. Beyond ‘The Sims,’ her ventures into other gaming terrains like ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Planet Zoo’ have also garnered substantial attention.

The YouTube star’s collaborations have been pivotal in expanding her sphere of influence. She’s worked with a myriad of fellow content creators, including The Sim Supply, Sasha (Vixella), LilSimsie, Clare Siobhan, and many others. Additionally, Deligracy has joined forces with renowned gaming entities such as EA (Electronic Arts), the creator of ‘The Sims,’ further amplifying her reach. Notably, she also played a significant role in the ‘Simmer’s Meetup,’ a UK-based event for ‘The Sims’ fans, alongside popular gamers like DanTDM, LDShadowLady, and Zoella.

In recognition of her influential content and commendable engagement with her audience, Deligracy received an invite to ‘The Sims’ Creator’s Camp in California, an esteemed honor within the gaming community. Her collaboration with EA for ‘The Sims 4’ promotion in Australia also underscored her significance in the gaming industrry.