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February 17, 2004 (20)

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Jenna Raine is an American singer and songwriter, known for her emotive vocal style and poignant lyrics. She first gained prominence as a member of the girl group L2M and has since embarked on a successful solo career, releasing her debut EP “Nen” in 2019.

Raine’s journey in the music industry began with L2M, where she honed her skills as a vocalist and performer. Her transition to a solo artist was marked by the release of her debut EP “Nen.”

In her career, Jenna Raine has collaborated with key figures, notably her L2M group members Mariangeli Collado, McKenzie Mack, Tati McQuay, and Lexi Drew. These collaborations, along with work with seasoned producers and songwriters for her EP “Nen.”