The Adventures of Prairie Chuck

While most prairie dogs prefer to hide in their burrows, one named Prairie Chuck prefers to go on adventures across America. A good example of his adventurous reputation is his human could have named him Beach Chuck by how much he enjoys the sand and surf.

He loves getting behind the wheel and heading off to his next adventure.

But we heard he can be a bit of a backseat driver sometimes…

Prairie dogs are very social creatures, Chuck is no different, going out of his way to make new friends any chance he gets.

And when it comes to his friends, it doesn’t matter what species.

Or what size.

Though he can be a little shy sometimes.

But don’t think Chuck’s a pushover because he’s so friendly. He can be tough when needed.

He won’t hesitate to guard his sand castle from invaders.

And won’t let these showoffs intimidate him.

But Chuck’s no fool and knows a predator of prairie dogs when he sees one.

While it may seem the adventurous life of Chuck is all go-go-go, he’s also a man of leisure.

If you want to join @prairiechuck on his adventures, follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

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