Jimmy Kimmel Rehearses Oscars Jokes With Messi, Dog Actor From ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ and Has a Ruff Time

Recent rumors circulated that Messi, the Palm Dog Award-winning canine actor from Anatomy of a Fall, was sadly not going to make a flight from France to attend the Oscars. But he just made a surprise appearance, helping Jimmy Kimmel practice a few jokes for tonight’s big show!

Jimmy Kimmel Rehearses Oscars Jokes With Messi, the Dog From ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ and Has a Ruff Time
Credit: Jimmy Kimmel/Instagram

Kimmel tried a few jokes out, such as “Casting is a huge part of any film. Without casting directors, how on earth would Bradley Cooper have thought to cast Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro?” Most didn’t get a reaction from Messi – Other than staring blankly at the camera, Jim from The Office style. Kimmel then tries a dog-friendly joke, “Okay, all right. All right, maybe this one you like, um, if you think the show feels overly drawn out to you. Imagine how Messi feels right now, in dog years? This show is five and a half months long.” This got a round of approving barks from Messi, with Kimmel declaring, “Ok, OK, we got a winner.”

And Messi went on to attend the Oscars and completely stole the show!

Dog Actor Messi Steals the Show at the Academy Awards
Credit: The Academy
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