Phil E. Chinchilla The Cutest Big Eared Floof That has the Internet Captive

Some things in life don’t need a narrative and we should just enjoy them because they are around. In comes Phil E. Chinchilla, the coolest floof with the tiniest feet. Devoted followers have been keeping an eye on Philly Chinchilly’s channels watching him hold mini signs, take dust baths (that’s a thing), and appearing on live TV interviews. However you stumbled on to his feeds, take a moment and decompress with the little dancing chinchilla.

Dust baths are real. We had to look it up. Chinchilla’s don’t bath per se. They take dust baths. It turns out that water is actually really bad for their coats and they spin around in very fine dust in order to remove oils and other debris from their coats to stay nice and floofy.


I hope my jar of magic dust (bath) makes your day better! ✨ #magical #PetsOfTikTok #smile

♬ original sound – Danny Casale

This isn’t Phil, but we thought dust baths were so interesting, we found another source.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this moment with Phil E. Chinchilla. However your day is going, I would bet it’s improved just a bit after seeing him dance in dust. Make sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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