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Cellbit (Rafael Lange)'s Pets

Does Cellbit (Rafael Lange) Have Any Pets?

Eredin and Rui (Dog)

Cellbit has two dogs named Eredin and Rui.

Cellbit (Rafael Lange)

Cellbit (Rafael Lange) Pets


February 11, 1997 (27)

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Cellbit is a Brazilian YouTuber and Twitch streamer who gained popularity for his gaming content, specifically around puzzle games like “The Witness.” With an uncanny knack for solving puzzles and weaving compelling narratives, he has captured the attention of a massive global audience.

Beyond gaming, Cellbit has also ventured into other forms of content creation, including podcasts and even theatrical performances. His digital reach extends to the realm of podcasts where he discusses a plethora of topics, from popular culture to politics. He’s even taken his creativity to the stage, participating in independent plays that further diversify his portfolio.

Cellbit’s success can’t be discussed without mentioning his significant collaborations with fellow content creators and artists. Collaborations with Felipe Neto, one of Brazil’s biggest digital influencers, as well as partnerships with other major creators like Pyong Lee, the hypnotist, and LubaTV, added significant momentum to his career. He’s also collaborated with Marco Gomes, RezendeEvil, Coisa de Nerd, Jovem Nerd, and Gabi Luthai.

Cellbit won the “YouTuber of the Year” award at the Digital Influencers Awards in Brazil.