Meet Salsa, Rescue Dog and Star of the Movie ‘Space Pups’

Salsa the Chiweenie is a hot new canine actor in Miami who started at the bottom as a stray and is now on top of the world (in space)!

Meet Salsa Rescue Dog and Star of the Movie Space Pups
Credit: @salsadog305/Instagram

Released last year, Space Pups stars a trio of rescued canine actors. Salsa plays Arcee, Parker the yellow lab plays Hex, and Mac the terrier mix plays Ace. The story is about three friendly space aliens who crash-land on Earth and realize they should keep a low profile to avoid detection. So they decide to disguise themselves as (talking) dogs, but their secret risks being exposed by two curious kids…

Parker the Lab had a few commercials under her collar. And 14-year-old Mac is a film veteran who played the lead in Robo-Dog and Robo-Dog: Airborne. But for Salsa, this was her first film role!

Salsa dog actor in Space Pups movie
Credit: Space Pups
Salsa dog actor on the set of Space Pups movie
Credit: Space Pups

Salsa was found scared on the street, hiding behind a shopping cart. But look at her now!

Salsa loves kids, so working alongside two young human costars was easy. (She did need some time to warm up to the fully grown actors though lol)

@rachelshearing Some highlights from My little rescue dogs first movie:) I’m so very proud of her #petsonset #reacuedogsoftiktok #chiweenie #rags2riches #salsadog305 ♬ What Dreams Are Made Of – Brent Morgan

Salsa hasn’t let the fame go to her head. (But we heard a rumor it did go to her tummy, due to all the treats she got on set)

@rachelshearing Anyone that says dogs dont like doing film work, has no clue what they are talking about:) Salsa gained 5 lbs during filming. She would drag me to the set!!! #filmdog #spacepups #chiweeni #featurefilm #familyfilm #dog #treat #petsonset #animaltalent #animalactor ♬ original sound – Rachel Shearing

You can take a sniff behind the scenes of Space Pups in the video below.

While waiting for her next acting gig, Salsa keeps working on her skills and tricks.

But she’s not a complete workaholic, she also loves sports and kicking back.

@rachelshearing Salsa’s new skate board:) shes just starting to figure it out. Second day at it:) #dogskateboard #chiweenieoftiktok #prettygirl #skatergirl ♬ Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

You can follow Salsa on Instagram at @salsadog305 and also her human and trainer @rachelshearing on TikTok. You can stream Space Pups for free on Tubi or for more info, visit

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