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March 20, 1990 (34)

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Tessa Violet Williams, known professionally as Tessa Violet, is an American singer-songwriter and video blogger. Initially gaining popularity as a vlogger, she transitioned to music with her debut studio album, “Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled” in 2014. Violet’s single “Crush” from her second album, “Bad Ideas,” released in 2019, marked a significant milestone in her music career, achieving widespread acclaim and substantial views on YouTube.

Violet’s journey in the entertainment industry began with her YouTube channel, where she posted vlogs and comedic sketches. Her transition to music saw her experimenting with various genres, leading to a unique blend of indie pop and electro-pop sounds. Her albums showcase her evolution as an artist, with “Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled” reflecting a more indie folk influence, while “Bad Ideas” leans towards a more polished pop production. Violet’s music videos, particularly for “Crush,” have been noted for their vibrant aesthetics and engaging storytelling.

Collaborations have played a crucial role in Violet’s career. She has worked with notable artists and producers, including producer Seth Earnest, with whom she collaborated extensively on her first album. Her second album saw collaborations with artists like Dodie Clark and Orla Gartland. Violet has also toured with artists such as Dodie, Walk Off the Earth, and AJR, which helped her gain a broader audience.

Recognition for Violet’s work includes nominations and awards in various indie music categories. Her single “Crush” was a standout, receiving nominations for its innovative music video and songwriting.