Your Favorite Music Videos Have Been Upgraded With Cats Thanks to @catmusicvideo

@catmusicvideo has blessed us with OVER 500 cat music videos, featuring modern and classic pop music hits. Whoever runs the account, whether they’re human or possibly a bunch of cats randomly hitting a keyboard, (we’re not here to judge), have come up with a winning formula. They take hit songs and fit the lyrics to photos and videos of cats, with many being from recognizable memes, and viral videos and photos.

Popular music videos remade with cat by @catmusicvideos
Credit: @catmusicvideos/Instagram

Of course, iconic cat mom Taylor Swift is featured multiple times on their account, with “You Belong to Me” our pick below.

Sia got a shout-out with “Unstoppable.”

Here’s the kitty rendition of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire.”

They brought “Sexy Back” with Justin Timberlake.

Here’s “Kill Bill” by SZA.

They of course had to do “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus.

“Late Night Talking” by Harry Styles. And did you know he has two tattoos dedicated to his sister Gemma’s deceased cats?

Their most recent drop is “I’m just Ken” by Ryan Gosling. And in case you missed it: Barbie Movie 2023 – Meet the pets of the cast! #Kennergy

For more singing kitties, visit @catmusicvideo on TikTok and Instagram.

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