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November 30, 1971 (52)

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Jessalyn Gilsig is a Canadian actress. From playing conniving high school cheerleading coach Terri Schuester in the hit musical comedy-drama Glee to portraying the villainous Siggy Haraldson in the historical drama series Vikings, Gilsig has proven time and again that she is an actress to be reckoned with.

One of Gilsig’s breakout roles came in 1999, when she starred as Lauren Davis, a successful lawyer and single mother, in the acclaimed drama series Boston Public. Her performance earned her critical acclaim and helped her to establish herself as a formidable presence in the industry. Gilsig followed up this success with roles in other popular television shows, including NYPD Blue, The Practice, and Heroes, where she played the power-hungry businesswoman Claire Bennet’s biological mother.

One of the most significant milestones in Gilsig’s career came in 2009, when she was cast as Terri Schuester in the hit musical comedy-drama Glee. Her performance as the conniving and manipulative cheerleading coach was praised for its depth and complexity, and Gilsig became a fan favorite. The show went on to become a cultural phenomenon, winning numerous awards and launching the careers of many of its stars including Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, and Kevin McHale.

Gilsig has worked alongside actresses like Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock in the romantic comedy Hope Floats, as well as with directors like Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese in the hit series Nip/Tuck. She has also appeared in several projects with actor and filmmaker David Schwimmer, including the comedy-drama Picking Up and Dropping Off and the romantic comedy Trust.